2016 promises to be an interesting year. NWP, now part of the RealPage family, continues to roll out innovations that make utility management and regulatory compliance easier, and results, more reliable. Many are in direct response to regulatory requirements, now and into the future.

NWP leads the industry in data visualization and mobile computing as we work to deliver Uber™ and Amazon™ ease-of-use for utility management. To this end, NWP has elevated meter health with its latest feature, Geo-Mapping, which allows staff to approve maintenance proposals and scheduling with a click.

Even better, meter health Geo-Mapping is available on our metered U.S. portfolios at no added charge.

In February, we hosted the sixth annual Energy Summit in Washington, D.C. The Summit continues to raise the bar on utility management professional education while creating an environment for peer-to-peer collaboration on an assortment of relevant topics relating to the multifamily industry.

Top multifamily executives and policymakers discussed the latest in smart technology, new and updated regulatory issues, retrofits with smart pay-offs and the impact conservation is making on the industry. See Summit highlights on page 12.

It was a super-charged event with a line-up of high level speakers from Fannie Mae, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Army and the Rocky Mountain Institute. The finale was a private event held at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum (above); a perfect backdrop to an event about cutting edge innovation.

Those surveyed at the event, said they gained more actionable knowledge than ever.

It’s this forward thinking that keeps us out in front and this issue brimming with need-to-know information. With so many jurisdictions and states’ ever-changing policies to monitor, regulatory compliance is certain to affect every multifamily operation, no matter the product or location.

Certainly, prominent news is that of NWP’s acquisition by RealPage a few months ago. RealPage is the leading provider of on-demand software and software-enabled services for the multifamily, single-family and vacation rental housing industries. Like NWP, RealPage is customer-centric in its integrations and partnerships. NWP fits well with RealPage’s philosophy of allowing customers to choose best-of-breed solutions.

Combined with RealPage’s Velocity, we’ll continue setting the standard in utility management, as we have for over last 20 years. Central to this is a deeply ingrained culture of talent, discipline and innovation. The merger of NWP and Velocity under RealPage is a true testament to those principals we hold dear and they will continue guiding us toward greater and better innovation.

Connecting our organizations will only accelerate this innovation. In addition to maintaining the NWP Lab’s innovation team, the combined organization will benefit from RealPage’s annual $65 million investment in research and development.

Everything good about doing business with NWP will only get better as part of RealPage. We’ll continue to apply talent, innovation and discipline to deliver easy reliable results.


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